AIRFacebook offers a rich and cross-platform API to the latest major version of Facebook SDK for iOS and Android (v4).

Easily implement social interaction in your Adobe AIR app and make it available to the millions of people using Facebook today!

Key features

  • User authentication and permission management
  • Content sharing (links, photos) to Facebook feed or via Messenger
  • Sharing custom Open Graph stories
  • Sending Game Requests and receiving events from notifications
  • Sending App invitations
  • Open Graph queries
  • Scores & achievements for games
  • Documentation, guide PDF and demo application


  • iOS 7+
  • Android 2.3.3+ (ANE v1.2.1 or older), Android 4.0.3+ (ANE v1.3.0+)
  • Adobe AIR 18+

Documentation & guides


See the EULA before downloading and using this software.

Last update: March 26, 2017. See change log.