Using AIRFacebook listener interfaces


In previous versions of the AIRFacebook ANE (v1.0.3 and older), the only way to retrieve results of various async requests was with the use of the standard Flash event model. You added your desired event to the dispatcher, created corresponding handler, made the request, removed the event from the dispatcher and played around with the event object that you received. After all, that is what AS3 devs have been doing for years, until signals happened. All in all, nothing too wrong with that; except, it creates room for errors which in turn make the development slower. You have to know what event will be dispatched before making the request and you have to remove the event from the dispatcher so that your handler doesn’t receive result from a request you make later in other scope of your app.

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AIRFacebook FAQ

Is use of the native extension limited to a single application?
No, it is not. You can use the ANE in as many apps as you like, provided you have or had a valid subscription. That means you can use the ANE even after your subscription ends, though it may not be the latest version.
Do I get access to the native extension source codes?
You get access to a packaged ANE as well as documentation and other documents. Source codes are not included in the downloaded package.

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