Premium theme for mobile applications powered by Starling Framework and Feathers UI library.


  • Retina ready

Thanks to high resolution assets your UI will look great on variety of devices.

  • Dynamic colors

Tune the theme’s colors to your liking with live preview app.

  • Feathers 3.0+ support

Supports over 20 components provided by the latest major version of Feathers, including media components.

  • 200+ icons

With over 200 icons* included you are able to provide even better user experience in your app.

  • Lightweight

Theme assets fit into 512×1024 texture with space available for dozens of icons.

  • Free to edit

With sliced-up images, TexturePacker projects and full source code included you are always free to make any adjustments.

  • Demo application

With the included documentation and demo app you will be up and running in no time.



*Material Design icons by Google are licensed under CC BY 4.0.