Hi, my name's Marcel!

I'm a freelance and indie mobile developer, now primarily focusing on iOS, Swift and open‑source development.

Recent Posts

Coding Auto Layout by Example

Tutorial series about building iOS user interfaces using Auto Layout programmatically.

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Announcing Puck Drop

Upcoming hockey management game coming to the iOS App Store in Q4 2020!

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Announcing Trisides

Meet Trisides, a turn-based match-3 puzzler with a minimalistic design and simple, yet challenging mechanics!

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Tools of Choice

  1. 1

    Swift, Xcode, GitHub, Xcode Cloud, Bitrise

    Primary tools & services for developing high‑quality apps and games for iOS.

  2. 2

    ActionScript, Adobe AIR

    Alternative approach for developing cross‑platform mobile apps.

  3. 3

    Supplementary tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, NodeJS, Sublime Text