Marcel Piestansky

Independent mobile developer

A programmer for over 10 years, now primarily focusing on iOS, Swift and open‑source development.

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Tools of Choice

  1. 1

    Swift, Xcode

    Primary tool for developing high‑quality apps and games for iOS.

  2. 2

    ActionScript, Adobe AIR

    Alternative approach for developing cross‑platform mobile apps.

  3. 3

    Supplementary tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, NodeJS, VSCode, Git

Recent Posts

Announcing Puck Drop

Upcoming hockey management game coming to the iOS App Store in Q4 2020!

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Announcing Trisides

Meet Trisides, a turn-based match-3 puzzler with a minimalistic design and simple, yet challenging mechanics!

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Getting started with AIRFacebook API v2.x

The Facebook platform offers a number of features that we can easily implement using AIRFacebook ANE and provide great social experience for our users. In this post, we’ll...

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