I am an independent mobile developer utilizing ADOBE TECHNOLOGIES alongside NATIVE SDKs

My name is Marcel Piestansky

I started programming in my early teenage years with the good ol’ Pascal and slowly moved on to explore ActionScript language and the Flash platform. At the time, it was all about building interactive websites, rich internet applications and participating in the Envato Market community.

After making my first steps in the OOP world, I took a short break from an ActionScript development and I went on to experience other OOP languages, notably Java, C# and Objective‑C which I used to build several desktop applications both for myself and school-related projects.

All the acquired skills are proving more than valuable today when using Adobe AIR together with native SDKs to build multi‑platform applications and games. My latest creations include open-source and premium mobile themes for Feathers UI library, and social native extensions for iOS and Android.

While I love bashing into keyboard to produce magical things, nothing ever beats the joy of a football (soccer) game on the sunny weekends… and when the weather is not right, Rubik’s cube is there to fix the day.