Marcel Piestansky

Independent mobile developer

A programmer for over 10 years, now primarily focusing on iOS, Swift and open‑source development.

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Tools of Choice

  1. 1

    Swift, Xcode

    Primary tool for developing high‑quality apps and games for iOS.

  2. 2

    ActionScript, Adobe AIR

    Alternative approach for developing cross‑platform mobile apps.

  3. 3

    Supplementary tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, NodeJS, VSCode, Git

Recent Posts

Getting started with AIRFacebook API v2.x

The Facebook platform offers a number of features that we can easily implement using AIRFacebook ANE and provide great social experience for our users. In this post, we’ll...

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Set up Adobe AIR with AIRFacebook v2.x

AIRFacebook offers a rich and cross-platform API to the latest Facebook SDK for iOS and Android. Let’s see how you can easily implement social interaction in your Adobe A...

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Upgrade notes for AIRFacebook 2.0.0

AIRFacebook has been updated to version 2.0.0 which brings new, reworked ActionScript API and updated Facebook SDKs to version 4.30.0 for both iOS and Android. See below t...

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