Upgrade notes for AIRFacebook 1.4.0

Posted: 10 June 2016

The AIRFacebook extension has been updated to v1.4.0. There are no changes to the ActionScript API, however, the underlying Facebook SDKs have been updated to v4.12.0 (iOS) and v4.12.1 (Android). See below to learn what changes you need to make in order to use this new version of the extension.

Required Adobe AIR SDK version

There are no changes to system version requirements, that means Android 4.0.3+ and iOS 7.0+ are still the minimum system versions supported. However, you must build your app using Adobe AIR SDK v20 or newer. It is recommended to use AIR SDK v22, as it fixes some issues introduced in v20.

AIR descriptor additions

The downloaded package no longer contains separate ANE packages with different Android library dependencies. Instead, the dependencies are each part of their own ANE package. If you are targeting Android, you will need to specify the following extension IDs in your app descriptor:

    <!-- AIRFacebook extension -->
    <!-- Android dependencies -->

Updated Graph API version

The native SDKs now target Graph API v2.6. If you are using some API that has changed you may be required to modify your code. You can view the Graph API changes here.