Announcing Trisides

Posted: 12 March 2020

Meet Trisides, a turn-based match-3 puzzler with a minimalistic design and simple, yet challenging mechanics!

Trisides is a different take on match-3 games by having two players match-up against each other. The goal is pretty simple ‐ insert a tile from one of the three sides and form a match of 3 or more tiles to score points.

Since the players are taking turns, one often has to make decisions about how a tile should be played. Prepare for a match in the next turn or sabotage opponent’s next turn? Since the time to take the turn is limited, both players are required to stay focused and think ahead to ensure they don’t miss anything!

The game features several CPU difficulties as well as peer-to-peer multi-player mode to play with nearby friends.

Try Trisides today by downloading it for free from the App Store!